Have you seen the beautiful and intricate ornamental lines of European architecture? It's that delicate, interlacing work of lines that make up Tracery! What a fitting concept for a profession that takes many details and makes them fit together to create a masterpiece that is pleasing to the senses.
Tracery Events was born out of a need in the startup community for marketing and event support.  As startups grow, the budget and headcount for a full marketing and events team simply isn't there, so we help you accomplish your goals while growing.  We think way outside of the box and create campaigns and events that go beyond the norm and have attendees talking, Tweeting and Facebooking. "No" is a bad word in our world, as we love a good challenge and can usually find a way to make greatness happen!

destination weddings that eventually led to a transition into corporate event planning. I found corporate events to be a whole different beast from the weddings I had been managing, but enjoyed each one immensely. However, I made the decision to take a break from weddings to learn the ropes of the corporate world better and put my marketing degree to fuller use.

Then came the world of technology: Microsoft, Heroku, Salesforce and nearForm. I found my industry and have continued to thrive in the fast pace of startup marketing and events.   From managing events  to creating marketing teams and managing everything in between, I love the ever changing climate and helping startups grow and leading a team that excels at what they do! Today I make my home in the beautiful Belgian city of Bruges, centrally located to get to anywhere in Europe easily and quickly.


When you love what you do....it's no longer work! 

Marketing needs vary from project to project. With that in mind,  a variety of rockstar professionals have been hand selected to meet these needs. From graphic designers and social media/pr gurus to event and community managers, you can be sure the right person will be on the job.

Tammy Contreraz

Marketing & Events Director

I started my career quite by accident. At the age of 17, while I was beginning my degree in Marketing, I was asked to research vendors for a wedding and ended up coordinating the whole shebang. I was hooked!  In the mid 90's I moved to Hawaii and found a niche market in 

Event & Project Staff